Yummy, healthy Indigenous recipes


This series of twelve (12) Traditional Indigenous Recipes is contributed by the Aboriginal Nutrition Network (ANN) of Dietitians of Canada.

These recipes were originally submitted as part of a contest at the ANN Revitalizing Connections Gathering in 2014, in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  The recipe submissions were reviewed and tested; their contributors were interviewed to talk about what the dish or recipe meant to them. 

There are many ways to prepare traditional Indigenous foods.  There is often a lot of discussion around what is considered ‘traditional’ – the definition often changes, depending on the individual with whom you speak.  This recipe series focuses on recipes from 12 individuals.  Enjoy!

All recipes are found on this website - click here.

Introduction and Strawberry Drink
Baked Walleye
Birch Syrup Beans
Char Antipasto
Corn Soup
Fish Cakes
Honey Garlic Moose
Redberry Relish
Saskatoon Pudding
Three Sisters Soup
Wild Rice Casserole with a Kick

If you have particular feedback or questions related to this recipe series, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected]

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