The Natural Leaders Project - Home Eco Challenge Is Online

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Connect to the place you live, get to know your neighborhood ecosystem, and take action to make your home more sustainable and self-sufficient!

The Home Eco Challenge is designed to help us navigate learning, growth & connection during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Each week our Environmental Educator, Paige, will distribute three worksheets & corresponding videos that will explore different aspects of the week's theme. Each module will include a learning component & several activities.

This program is for all ages, but kids younger than 12 should participate with an adult.

The Home Eco Challenge will start April 7th!

This series is FREE & FLEXIBLE!

Register by emailing Paige Rosner at [email protected]


Get to Know Your Home

This is Blackfoot Territory

Ecosystems 101

Water World

Windy City

Let the Sun Shine In

Plants and energy

Animals and habitat

Climate Change

Product Lifecycles and Consumerism

There is no Such Thing As Garbage

Other Articles of Interest

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Benefit #6 - Parks in Lethbridge encourage us to socialize and be active in the community

Tag 2 Table Community Talk

Nature Play Day is on Saturday June 8th

Springtime Scavenger Hunt