Secret Marathon 3 Km Run/Walk Event

Everyone is welcome to in participate in The Secret 3K run/walk being held in Lethbridge, Alberta on 4 Mar, 2020. This is the second time Lethbridge has hosted the Secret 3K.  The Lethbridge Secret 3K Team is called the Lethbridge Coulee Crew.

It is a relaxed fun event and not a race – it is only 3km! The details follow, but it is an initiative to raise awareness about issues of gender equality and the need to create safe and inclusive communities.

The Secret Marathon film was inspired by the story of the first marathon ever to be held in Afghanistan and the women and men who courageously participated in this race to promote gender equality and the universal right to be free to run. See the film trailer here: It was through this Afghanistan experience that an important realization was made: creating safe races can help to create safe places.

This year the documentary filmmakers from The Secret Marathon have partnered with the Girl Guides Canada and Running Room to organize the “The Secret 3K”. The date chosen for this event coincides with the week of International Women’s Day. To learn more about the race please visit


To join in on the Lethbridge Secret 3K, go to the Secret 3K – 2020 Virtual Group registration site, by accessing the following link:


When you access the Secret 3k Virtual Group registration site make sure you click on the Group option and register as a member of the Lethbridge Coulee Crew Team.  In the registration process use the password for the Lethbridge Coulee Crew when prompted, which is yas85ruw.



It would be great to have you join on 4 March, 2020 at Runners Soul (2646 South Parkside Dr) in Lethbridge at 6:10pm so we can run, walk and work together for equality! Encourage your friends, family and coworkers to participate and support this excellent initiative.  The run will officially start at 6:30pm.

See poster below for more information.

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