Healthy Meals…Starting Simple

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Healthy Meals…Starting Simple

Are you looking for healthy meals that are simple and do not cost a lot of money?  Here is a formula that might help.

a few ingredients + a few simple steps = a healthy meal success!

For a quick start, look at the healthy meal ingredients listed below. Follow the simple steps to get you started on the road to healthy meal success .Each column has foods from each of the four food groups on Canada’s Food Guide.

  1. Pick an item from 3 or all 4 of the columns.
  2. Combine for a healthy meal.
  3. Congratulations on your healthy meal!

Meat and Alternatives

Grain Products

Vegetables and Fruit

Milk and Alternatives

heat brown beans, kidney   beans, or navy beans

put in a whole grain   tortilla

serve with low sodium  salsa

grate low fat cheese on the  tortilla

low sodium canned   salmon

add to whole grain   noodles in broth

stir in frozen   vegetables

serve low fat yogurt for   dessert

canned lentils (drained then mixed with canola oil and Dijon mustard)

add cooked brown rice or barley

serve on lettuce

serve low fat yogurt for dessert

low sodium canned light   tuna with low fat    mayonnaise

on a whole grain bun

serve fresh or canned  fruit in juice for     dessert

serve low sodium cream   soup made with milk

mix an egg into ground beef  and form into burgers, pan fry

serve on a whole grain bun

add lettuce and tomato   to burger

place two slices of low fat cheese on the burger

natural peanut butter

on whole grain bread

serve fruit as dessert

serve low fat milk to drink

grill or bake chicken breasts with herbs  and spices

serve with cooked  whole grain noodles

add cooked frozen beans

serve low fat milk to drink

scramble eggs

serve with whole grain  toast, pita, tortilla

add vegetables to eggs and then pan fry   together

and top with grated low fat cheese


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