Free Online Weight Management Learning Module Available


The Provincial Bariatric Resource Team recently launched “Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management Module”.  This is a free online learning module, now available to the public.

As an online module it can be completed at any time of day and at the learners own pace. The module allows the learner to customize the learning experience to their needs.  There is an opportunity to self-assess readiness to change, create a plan for making change and create health and weight management goals. Learners are encouraged to explore potential barriers and document their journey throughout the module.

The nutrition content of the module was provided by Nutrition Services and is based on the  Adult Bariatric Care Nutrition Practice Guidelines. 

Components of the module include:

  • Your best health
  • Am I ready?
  • Sleep well
  • Move everyday
  • Eating well for weight and health
  • Medicines
  • Bariatric surgery


The module can be accessed here:

Below is a poster that can be printed.

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