Free Mini Play Summit for Parents, Caregivers, and Those Who Work With/For Families

Play charter

Play for its own sake: Universality, diversity and consequential benefits.

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Children seem to relish in seemingly simple running, jumping, twisting and falling games, to become fully absorbed in reassembling their surroundings into a nebulous fort, tall towers or novel inventions, and to be transported by social rough and tumble play fighting. While children in most cultures engage in many forms of play, the purpose of play remains an elusive question. Perhaps it is not the reason for play that matters. Perhaps the greatest value of play is that it happens freely throughout childhood- and even adulthood. Join Afra as she discusses both the short and long term benefits of play in emotional, social, learning and creative settings.

November 12, 9-10:30 am  |  Lethbridge Public Library Theatre Gallery (downtown branch)

Sponsored by Lethbridge Plays and Lethbridge Public Library

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