Parks are fun!

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The contribution of parks spaces to personal enjoyment and quality of life in a community is significant and broadly recognized both anecdotally and through research data. A 2011 study of over 1,100 parents of 2 to 12 year olds in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom found that the more time a family spends together at a playground, the greater their overall sense of family well-being. Three-quarters also wished that their family had time to visit a playground more often.8

A 2013 Canadian study commissioned by the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation further reflected the value that residents place on having quality park spaces in their community. Nearly two-thirds of respondents (64%) indicated that local parks were “very important” to them and their family. Additionally, 68% of Canadians are concerned about the loss of green space in their community.9

Data from the Lethbridge sub-segment of the 2008 Alberta Recreation Survey further reflects the popularity of many activities that residents enjoy in the communities park spaces:

  • 80% of Lethbridge households “walk for pleasure”.
  • 62% of Lethbridge households attend fairs or festivals.
  • 52% of Lethbridge households participate in bicycling.
  • 38% of Lethbridge households picnic in City parks.
  • 32% of Lethbridge households participate in jogging / running. 

8 Harris Interactive (2011). Playgrounds Increase Sense Of Family Well-Being. Washington, District of Columbia. Foresters.

9 TD Friends of the Environment Foundation survey, conducted by Ipsos Reid (2013) 

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