At Our Fingertips: The Hidden World of Insects and Spiders exhibit

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At Our Fingertips: The Hidden World of Insects and Spiders

New community art gallery exhibit features work by Lesley Roy


The Helen Schuler Nature Centre is pleased to exhibit an amazing collection of photographs by local artist Lesley Roy that helps to shed a little light on the mysterious world of insects and spiders.

Through fifty photos of various insects and a small assortment of spiders (and a common relative, the spider mite), Lesley Roy hopes to bring a more artistic view and understanding of the habitat and day-to-day lives of our tiny earthly companions. The photos are meant to include a variety of different insects encompassing several orders.

“It is estimated that insects and spiders comprise over 80% of all animals on Earth,” says artist Lesley Roy, “There are almost 1.5 million species already identified and nearly 100,000 living in North America. And yet, even though they are found everywhere, we hardly notice them because they are so tiny.”

While some insects cause serious damage to our livelihood and health by destroying crops and spreading disease, the vast majority are beneficial. They pollinate our flowering plants, control pest insects such as mosquitoes, provide products like honey and silk, and are a food source to other animals.  Some insects even help to determine the time of death of murder victims.

Many native insects and spiders have become endangered due to human encroachment into their natural habitat by way of pollution, direct destruction of their environment or by introduction of non-native species. Considering all of the benefits we reap from these tiny creatures it is important for everyone to better understand the role these creatures play in our ecosystem.

The new community art gallery exhibit “At Our Fingertips: The Hidden World of Insects and Spiders” by Lesley Roy will be on display daily at the Nature Centre from 10am-6pm in July and August.


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If you would like more information about the art gallery display, please contact Lesley Roy at [email protected]


If you would like more information about the Helen Schuler Nature Centre, please contact Curtis Goodman at 403-320-3064 or email [email protected]


The Helen Schuler Nature Centre is a team of volunteers, staff, and partners dedicated to offering a wide range of interactive experiences that connect people to their local natural heritage. In doing so, the Nature Centre fosters a community of environmentally aware and responsible citizens. The Nature Centre is located north of Indian Battle Park under the CPR High Level Bridge.  @DiscoverItHere on Twitter

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