Annual Lethbridge Bike Swap Tomorrow!


Annual one day bike buy, sell, and donate event at Southminster United Church. This is a safe place to buy and or sell a bike. Every bike is tech checked and its serial number is recorded. The average selling price is $300, and prices range from $35 to $2600. This is a consignment sale, all of 12%, and an entry fee to the sale for the first 200 people of $2.00 which will go to a local Lethbridge bike group.

This is a non-profit event run by, where half the profit is returned back to Lethbridge and surrounding areas to support cycling in your community (the other half stays in the bank to fund more swaps). Please consider donating bikes at this event, they'll stay local and go to a great local cause.

Full details for the event, for sellers and purchasers, timelines, etc are available here!

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