Activities: 3-6 Year Olds

Activities for kids ages 3-6


  • Lethbridge Early Years regularly rounds up the best local and digital resources for littles! 
  • Lethbridge Plays! has winter fun kits to borrow! 
  • Lethbridge Public Library 
    • small n' TALL - a livestream to help you spend quality time with your 0-5 year old, with rhymes, songs & fun!
    • Time for Rhymes - stories, songs, and finger plas for preschoolers and caregivers! 
    • Puppet Show - a monthly puppet show! 
  • Alberta Health Services has monthly Pre-school calendars
  • Active for Life has at-home ideas for developing physical literacies! 
  • Roving Gym - with take-home kits
  • South Region Parents as Teachers - personal visits to provide well-researched information to help you make good parenting decisions and to provide concrete support for you when you need it.
  • Family Centre has resources and programs to promote caregiver and children's health!
  • Opokaa'sin Early Intervention Society's Aapatsi'kaktosi North Star Program includes a parent cafe and other parent and child support! 



  • Looking to learn some new games?  Watch these short video instructions for Musical Freeze, Simon Says, and Lips and Ears.
  • Lethbridge Early Years Coalition has put all their Digital Play Pack books online during COVID-19.  Check out all the workbooks and activities. 
  • Building Brains Together has put together some fun ideas called Walk & Play.
  • Stay healthy with the Eat Right Be Active eating guide activities for preschoolers.
  •  Be Fit with your Kid is a free resource developed by Be Fit For Life to help parents and kids stay active together from the comfort of their home, yard and neighbourhood.
  • Helen Schuler Nature Centre has some fun ideas for starting a collection.
  • Lethbridge Public Library invites your child to join their Children’s Book Scavenger Hunt and search for clues in your books at home.
  • Lethbridge Sport Council make a list of 30 things to do in April – These activities can be done at home, with little to no equipment, and lets you maintain social distancing.
  • Local parents made the “Activities for Kids – Southern Alberta” Facebook Group to share activity ideas and build connections!
  • Connect with Helen Schuler Nature Centre for ideas on safe outdoor and environmental play!
  • Go for a walk on Lethbridge’s trails (don’t forget to maintain a physical distancing of 2m between each person!)
  • GoNoodle is a high quality and free website and app that gets kids up and moving for fun, engaging content and games. 
  • Get Outside and Play!
  • Try a game of Musical Freeze!


  • Answers for your young child’s questions about the Coronavirus.
  • Meaningful activities to support families well-being while coping at home by Alberta Health Services
  • Activities created by Canadian Government to help young children understand what is going on and how they can help.
  • Check out this activity book, in 15 languages, that explains covid-19 to children and how they can stay safe
  • Follow this daily calendar from Action for Happiness as a family to help cope with the crisis, in 20 different languages!
  • Watch “Time to Come in Bear” together – a children’s story on social distancing


  • Play is essential for children’s healthy development – socially, emotionally and physically.  Play is the work of children!!  Don’t put pressure on yourself as a caregiver to teach letters or numbers or reading.  Follow your child’s lead and make lots of time for play!
  • Play games with simple rules.  Let your child practise losing and being sad about it. It is ok when they feel sad, disappointed, frustrated.   Be available to offer empathy and support.
  • Let your preschooler explore reading, grasping, beading, drawing and cutting activities that interest THEM!
  • Read with your child daily and allow them to read the pictures of books too.

Do you have additions of local activities for children, youth, and families? Please email Kristina at [email protected] 

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