Activities: 14-18 Year Olds

Activities for youth ages 15-17 (1)


  • Lethbridge Plays! has winter fun kits to borrow!
  • Boys & Girls Club has virtual programming, including homework help, jobs program, crafts, lgbtq+ activities, and more! When restrictions are lifted, in-person programs contunue. 
  • Opokaa'sin Early Intervention Society's Aapatsi'kaktosi North Star Program includes a parent cafe and other parent and youth supports. 
  • Youth One has online programs and support including small groups, "Y1 in a bag", and motivational vieos! When restrictions are lifted, in-person programs continue. 
  • YMCA has at-home activities, lessons and workouts. Individual/family access still available onsite, when restrictions are lifted, in-person programs continue. 
  • Lethbridge Library has teen programs including D&D, Trivia, and book club! 


  • Grab a library card for free - and enjoy:
    • Hoopla has movies, TV, music & Audiobooks
    • Libby has audiobooks & e-books for all ages
    • Novelist which has great novels that you can search by "What I'm in the mood for", read alongs, book talks, book guides, and just a lot of great books! 
  • Work on getting your license by studying the Alberta Government's Drivers Guide and taking these practice tests for the AMA.
  • Develop math, science, and life skills (and eat delicious snacks) through free cook-along videos
  • Become a Natural Leader with Helen Schuler Nature Centre to connect to the place you live, get to know your neighborhood ecosystem, and take action to make your home more sustainable and self-sufficient! 


  • Play from home wth Jumpstart! THis is a national list of GREAT energetic play, endorsed by athletes like Hayley Wickenheiser!
  • Learn to play an instrument! Rent guitars, keyboards, band instruments, and more from local provider Long & McQuade 
  • Go for a walk on Lethbridge’s trails (don’t forget to maintain a physical distancing of 2m between each person!)
  • Try dancing - check out Dancing Alone Together, a platform for the new digital dance world! 
  • Try this 10 minute yoga sequence with you tube star Yoga With Adrienne. 


  • Challenge each other to a Paper plane Fly-Off! Challenge the family to make the best plane! Try out some of these styles
  • Host a Family Cooking "Show" with a host & smartphone camera crew, a cook-off, or simple family cooking night. Here are some family friendly receipes with all-ages instructions! 



  • Get free, online tutoring from Raise the Grade at Boys & Girls Club Virtual Youth Centre., Monday-Thursday from 3-5. 
  • With your library card, sign into SOLARO, which is based on the same curriculum your school uses! There are supports for kids in grades 3-12. 
  • MyVictory Skills offers free online tutoring. Contact an instructor to get help with academics, skills, or pesonal growth! 
  • Try out some learning ideas from local organization Frontier College
  • ESL? Keep Learning English with Pronunciator with your library card
  • You can also use your library card to access Gale Courses in things like Business, Computer Sciences, Design, Health Care, and Writing - get a head start on your adult life! 
  • Your Chrome web browser can help your student with extra learning needs - check out this list of extensions that may help
  • The device (tablet, laptop, phone) that your child is using for school may have extra tools to help with reading, writing, and organization. Find options here. 
  • Get tips on supporting your student with behavioural or learning needs from Child Mind Institute and from Frontier College
  • Get high quality and educational daily schedules from Khan Academy


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Do you have additions of local activities for children, youth, and families? Please email Kristina at [email protected] 

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