Activities: 11-13 Year Olds

Stay active, stay healthy, stay home! (3)



  • *NEW* Read the world with the library! 
  • *NEW* If you're at home alone more these days, learn about staying home safely
  • Grab a library card for free - and enjoy:
    • Hoopla has movies, TV, music & Audiobooks
    • Libby has audiobooks & e-books for all ages
    • Novelist which has great books for children and youth, and is designed for kids to use themselves
    • Tumblebooks gives you access to animated and interactive children's stories, games, and videos.
  • Develop math, science, and life skills through cooking! Try out these free cook-along videos. 




  • *NEW* Get free, online tutoring from Raise the Grade at BGC
  • With your library card, sign into SOLARO, which is based on the same curriculum your school uses! There are supports for kids in grades 3-12. 
  • MyVictory Skills offers free online tutoring. Contact an instructor to get help with academics, skills, or pesonal growth! 
  • Try out some learning ideas from local organization Frontier College - things like using this time to explore the house to learn measurement skills
  • ESL? Keep Learning English with Pronunciator
  • Your Chrome web browser can help your student with extra learning needs - check out this list of extensions that may help your family
  • The device (tablet, laptop, phone) that your child is using for school may have extra tools to help with reading, writing, and organization. Find options here. 
  • Get tips on supporting your student with behavioural or learning needs from Child Mind Institute
  • Get high quality and educational daily schedules from Khan Academy

Do you have additions of local activities for children, youth, and families? Please email Kristina at [email protected]

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